Saturday, January 22, 2005

Of Dilemma's 

During Friday night's dinner at this week's WebCred Conference, David Weinberger spoke of those interesting dilemma questions that come up in life (that drew much laughter). For example, if you're with a bunch of people in a life raft with no hope of timely rescue, who do you eat first? It reminded me of a similar and all too real dilemma I witnessed just the other day, one that I experienced difficulty in resolving. If you're speeding an ambulance to the hospital with your lights flashing and sirens blaring because someone on a body board in the back is hanging on to dear life, what do you do if you come across one of those 20 mph school zones while the yellow lights are flashing? Clearly, those lights are designed to protect kids' lives. So, do you risk killing a kid, or risk killing the patient? The driver I saw risked killing a kid.


Monday, January 03, 2005

ZDNet Podcast Central? 

My Desk
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My home office: quite possibly the birthplace of ZDNet's podcasting operation.


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